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California Guitar Trio:    Hideyo Moriya, Paul Richards and Bert Lams

 Gavin Harrison

iKCons: Musicians

The musician iKCons are an off shoot of the iKCons series. I had been looking for a way to properly illustrate musicians for some time. In particular my favorite band King Crimson. But how to do so in a way that interested me and honored their creativity while feeling a bit different from the standard portrait.


I decided I wanted to focus in on their hands. For two reasons. Hands are always a challenge in any medium, especially in my minimalist style. Second, I relished the task of making the individuals recognizable through hands and gestures only. I think some are clearly more successful than others. There are many more to come. 

 Adrian Belew

Robert Fripp

Trey Gunn

Mick Karn: 80s

Mick Karn: 90s

Pat Mastelotto

John Wetton

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