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Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson old haunts posterweb.jpg

It has been an honor and extreme pleasure to design for the legendary musician Bill Nelson! Bill and his music have been an inspiration to every aspect of my life since I first heard The Love That Whirls on a cassette my uncle gifted me with the note "Play this loud!" I consider Bill and his songs life long friends. So to say these projects get my creative juices flowing is a major understatement. Click on the images to see more of each project. Be sure to check out Bill's vast array of beautiful music at

Old Haunts Release Party Performance 2019

Dreamsville website merchandise

Plectronica poster 1web.jpg

Songs For Ghosts Release Party Performance 2017

Plectronica Celebration Performance 2018

New Northern Dream Release Party 2016

Hepworth Gallery Benefit Concert 2014

Blip! Release Party 2013

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